Initially planned to post a wishlist for Christmas but now it’s a wishlist for anytime of the year. Hihi

  • a long handwritten letter especially for me, of course (and preferably, sent through the post)
  • star/ry _______. Fill in the blank. Starry journal, star pillow, star pendant, starry bag, starry shirt, starry, starry night
  • a teddy bear. I will make sure to love it forever and ever. OR even better, a stuffed giraffe! A quirky stuffed animal (but no dogs or cats). Wild animals turned huggable!
  • huge pillow! A hotdog pillow, preferably
  • lifetime supply of chocolates! Fine, a reasonable supply of chocolates then
  • silver charm bracelet. And it would be really nice if I get additional charms every now and then
  • something I can wear constantly. That will remind me of whoever gave it to me. Like a bracelet or necklace. I don’t wear earrings though. But if they’re really cute…
  • cream, plain (as in no lines) paper journal
  • Numb3rs series book/s
  • GCs for bookstores, restaurants, shops
  • shoooes! Chucks (preferably the plain yellow one) or Vans or plain black/blue/the like flats (or yellow)
  • cool shirt
  • John Green books! (top choice: The Fault in Our Stars)
  • The Little Prince
  • hard drive
  • DSLR camera! Or polaroid
  • something that reminds someone of me
  • a(n all-expense paid?) tour (around the city or wherever) or an out-of-town trip
  • nice earphones + iPod silicon case and/or cable
  • candlelit dinner + good conversation of course
  • picnic + stories
  • acoustic bass
  • guitar picks
  • a fountain pen!