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Best things

by Jem




Some of my favorite shots from our class field trip.

Making new friends. (Especially after a weekend of trekking around a city six to seven hours away from where you all first met.) Still one of the best things in the world.

Along with blue, blue skies.


by Jem

Happy seventeenth birthday, self! Be happy today, you always find a reason to be ūüôā

*This is my favorite day because I turn 17 on the 17th. ūüôā

Goodbye, 2012

by Jem

It can’t be a see you later, 2012, can it?

That’s both happy and sad, I guess.

Like the past year.

Which was both happy and sad, I guess.

But what’s pretty nice is that you can choose to hold on to the happy reasons and let go of the sad ones.

If the sad ones are hard to forget, there’s 2014, 2015, so on until the world really does end.

It will eventually get easier.


As for me, 2012 has left me a couple of things to remember.

One, that I should have more time for myself. Just thinking. Because that is how I come up with posts on here, aside from my random musings in the shower. And the wisdom of the people around me and those on the other side of the world, publishing works of art.

Two, celebrating your birthday alone is quite sad. I cried during my 16th birthday last year because there was no one to greet me personally until the evening. My family called me early in the morning but a phone call on special days, I now know, will never be enough and it was the reason I cried in the first place. Or part of.

Three, true friends are forever. As¬†clich√© as that sounds. But last year, the one thing I’ve constantly been thankful for is staying friends with a lot of people I knew before I moved on to college, especially one with whom I had a sort of falling out. But now we’re friends again/still so all is well. Most is well.

Four, do not be too quick to judge. And this is about a boy band I initially was indifferent towards but now adore. And you know, everyone else I met last year. (Okay, I try not to judge people. Really. But has anyone really ever succeeded there? All the time?)

Five, dreaming really is free (the I-want-to-be-a-doctor sort of dreams of course. Not dreams that intentionally want to hurt the welfare of others in which case, the free country is not so free anymore. But I digress.) and going for your dreams really is costly. Talk about the investments and risks. And the regrets. But I guess in a few years, I will be able to post about how it is worth it. Not now because I’m not even a quarter way there yet but there¬†are¬†days when I am doing what I decided to pursue and I feel like I made the right choice. Can’t know for sure yet but there’s an inkling and it has to be good enough because it’s the best you can get for now. And also how, at the end of the day, it’s still mostly up to you. Life is unsure. What¬†can¬†you do?¬†(Do it.)

Six, people fail you. But that’s okay. Even the people you trust the most, your closest friends, they fail you. But that’s okay. You fail them too. But you don’t choose to fail them, do you? (I hope not.) It most probably means that they don’t choose to fail you either. It’s just that, things happen. Life happens. Love happens. Your Doctor Who download happens. A new book by her favorite author happens. Hell week happens. Just try harder this year. And hope people around you try harder too.

Seven, waiting is hard but waiting is worth it. Okay, not always. But there’s always the ‘at least’. You cannot really predict the future. Whether waiting for something is going to be worth it. That’s why they’re called risks. And that’s why it’s called a choice. And that’s why they’re called regrets. And that’s why it’s called moving on. Or trying again. Whichever works. Again, it sounds like something you learn every year. But 2012 has reiterated it. A lot. And I feel like I’ve become a lot more patient now. Concerning certain things.

Eight, “You love so much you shouldn’t be surprised you are loved so much back.”

Nine, noticing the nice little things is a–and at least¬†my–way to survive a really rough day. It’s part of accepting that nothing is perfect but a lot of things are great.

Ten, BREATHE. When you have to. And you know, you¬†always¬†have to if you want to stay alive. Constant little breaths. And when things really get to you, a huge gulp of air is the way to go. But there’s a fine line between what you¬†think¬†is overwhelming and what is really overwhelming. Which is pretty hard to define. But if you take huge breaths all the time you’ll look really weird. And get tired, I think. Which is counter-intuitive.

So thank you year 2012 (and everyone who was part of mine) for those ten lessons… among other things.



“We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.” -W. Somerset Maugham

by Jem


Favorite day (well, one of two) of the year!

I can’t wait

by Jem

to spend the day with you.

Once upon a time–that is, a few years ago–I never would’ve thought I would be looking forward to a day out with you.

Once upon a time, I felt that we’ve drifted so far apart that we wouldn’t ever find our way back and be friends ever again. It was funny–a twisted kind of funny if you ask me–that so much could change in the course of one summer. Even one day. Even half that. That was how quick everything went downhill for us and the friendship I very much cherished and hoped you did too.

The thing about life is that¬†everything about it,¬†everything that happens gives us some sort of lesson. No matter how happy or sad or painful or exciting things are, there’s a moral at the end of it all. The moral of our painful experience? Friendship is fragile. It is very, very fragile. There was only so much our bond can take, even if it was the strongest of bonds. Even before what happened, it was breaking. I knew it. I believe you knew it as well. We could’ve frozen, we could’ve stayed where we were, it could’ve been good enough for us. But we still pushed it. And it broke. We fell apart.

And it was quick. So very quick that there was no room for any sort of attempt to patch it all up. No room to talk. No room to explain. No room to try to understand.

And once upon a time, there was only room for regrets.

But you know me. It wasn’t the what-could’ve-been kind of regret. It was more of the what-was one. And that’s just it. My thoughts were about what we used to do, what we used to have, what we used to be. I kept looking back. I wanted to go back and re-do things.

I wanted you back. I wanted my friend back. I wanted a part of my life back.

It was with all these wants, all the longing that I hurt myself further, little by little. I should’ve caught myself and left you and everything else alone. But I needed closure and you avoided me like a plague. (You even said so when we were ‘speaking’ again.)

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t suicidal or anything. My world didn’t revolve around you. I had lots of other things to think about. But you know how the most important thing in a burger is the patty yet it still doesn’t seem right without ketchup? You were the ketchup. (And I feel like the mood of this lengthy post is lost because of that metaphor and this comment.) I was also occupied with everything else that I really didn’t dwell on whatever was going on (or what was not) between us but it was the type of thing that catches you off guard. I’m laughing and then something suddenly reminds me of you and I stop but try to shake it off a second later. Or after a packed day, just before I drift off to sleep I am reminded of that day. And the days before that when we were happy. And I cry. Just a little.

That was how it was and once upon a time, I didn’t know how to deal with it. The whole thing felt like a secret. If everyone knew, it would’ve brought a much more damaging blow, I just knew it. So we had an unspoken consensus. We couldn’t tell anyone. Well, at least not just anyone. I think you told one or two of your friends if only to ask what you could do. I’m not sure. But I told a few people of course. Only a handful of the friends I trusted the most. And they didn’t fail me. It never leaked and it may have made it easier for us later on.

I thanked God each day for our friends who knew us before it happened and who knew what to do after I told them. It would’ve been so much harder if I didn’t. And I guess that was another good thing that came out of our situation: It became clear to me which friends I was willing to trust and I proved that I made the right choice.

Once upon a time, I thought that was it. We wouldn’t have to see each other in the hallways anymore in a few months’ time. It would be a lot easier to avoid, a lot easier to forget, a lot easier to go our separate ways.

But I am quite stubborn and so I finally, finally confronted you. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t know then if I was being stupid. Had I not any pride at all? But looking back, it was probably one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I asked you what the problem was. I knew it, of course, but you had to learn to talk about it if we were to move on–as friends or otherwise. Did you really think I was going to let you go that easily? Well, I thought so too. But I considered you my best friend and I just felt like I couldn’t lose someone as important as that in my life. We needed to talk and we did.

As selfish as it sounds,¬†I think¬†I saved us. I’m not sure if you would’ve approached me to talk about it too and you were just waiting but the point is, I did it first. I am very patient with a lot of things but this was something different altogether. It was a matter of the rest of our lives and whether or not I had to go through it without you and if I could.

I figured I couldn’t so there, I talked to you. We tried our best to make it work and at first it didn’t seem to. I eventually just tried to accept that after we receive our diplomas it was goodbye for good. I tried my best, didn’t I? We both did. Thanks. Bye.

But the universe was with me on this one. I was meant to annoy you for life and I wouldn’t admit it to your face but I was pretty okay with you bugging me for the rest of my life too.

And now here I am, a couple of years later, excited to see you over the Christmas break and possibly spend a whole day with you, probably as an early birthday celebration for me. Possibly, probably. But for sure it would be a celebration of our friendship and the many years to come.

I know we’re not as close as we used to be. What happened is a topic we would rather not touch for now. Sometimes it feels like I still have to be very, very careful and maneuver my way through things that concern you. But we’re getting there and boy, do we have time.

I’m counting down the days until we finally bond over some ice cream. Even as close friends before all the drama, we never really went out on a friendly date. And now that we are, I feel we really have matured. How much we’ve grown, eh? I hope it goes well for both of us. I’m pretty sure that after that, I’ll stop counting. No more n years ago or n years later. Just you, me and the rest of our lives. It would be pretty tiring if I had to count all the days we would remain friends because I am pretty sure it would mean counting until we grow old.

Good morning

by Jem

On a more positive note,


What a way to start my day and this weekend I am so looking forward to. *huge grin*

It is December

by Jem

and I am in love.

I suuuper love December and of course, the season that comes with it. Idk. It just feels like nothing can go wrong at this time of the year. Of course, that isn’t really true but I am particularly cheery and optimistic when the last month of the year comes around.

I heard from mom yesterday that my lolo (grandpa) was busy with his parol so he couldn’t speak with me yesterday. My lolo is so cute that way. He loves decorating the house for the Christmas season. The huge parol and the Christmas lights… I can’t wait to get home to them!

December also means Christmas parties and exchange gifts. + the Lantern Parade here at our university which I missed last year (regrets! huhu) so I’m making sure I don’t miss it this time and everrr. My second favorite date is December 24. Actually, I am torn between it and my birthday so I guess I love them both equally. They are special in different ways but the 24th is because it is Christmas Eve and as a family tradition (extended family on my mom’s side) we all stay up late, eat Noche Buena and exchange gifts when the clock strikes midnight. And then we watch a movie or two and then we have our own mini exchange gift as a smaller family: my parents, my sister, brother and I.

I also love December because our church celebrates its anniversary during this month. This year though we’re moving it to January and I love January too so all is well. I treat December-January as one whole happy, happy season. And so I am very, very thrilled that December is finally here! Hohoho.

I laugh that way during December. It’s become my thing. Hoho.

Happy 1st of December!


And oooh, I almost forgot! Jeb promised me we would celebrate my birthday this month so that I have happy memories on my actual birthday during January (because most likely I will not be home like last year when I actually cried, hoho)! And December is another catch-up month for me and my friends. I’m so happy school will end early this year!

+ I just remembered: my favorite tita (aunt) is coming home this month! And hopefully, for good.

*happy sigh*

A pretty good day

by Jem

I didn’t really plan anything today.

I just decided that today is going to be “me day” because I haven’t had any me¬†time for a long time much less a whole day to myself, to do what I want to, for my happiness.

And so I woke up when I felt like it which is pretty early actually because I fell asleep early last night after a day I posted a status about: Days like this will be the death of me. I woke up very early but I only really got out of bed at lunchtime to eat. It was a morning of watching videos, playing songs on Red, my guitar, surfing the internet and listening to songs. Usually I would beat myself up for wasting time doing not-so-productive things but it is my day and I have had enough of beat-ups from a lot of other things and other people for the past couple of days so I caught myself.

In the morning I was talking to myself in my head which is not really unusual for me but I guess it got to me and I ended up talking to myself out loud by late afternoon. And now that I think about it, it may not be as unusual as I thought.

But aside from that, on the way home from grocery shopping (essential part of me day), I suddenly felt like getting off the jeepney a good distance away from the dorm. Idk why. I thought twice about it.¬†I have a pretty big, pretty heavy grocery bag to carry. I’m too tired for a walk. I¬†live here. What else is there to see?¬†But I’ve been doing a pretty good job of following my gut lately and actually, recently when I decide on something and then find excuses to change my mind, a part of me says that I might meet someone special when I do this at this place and time or that something really special might happen when I push through with the original plan and I might miss it because of shallow reasons. So I do it.

So I did it. I got down the next stop and because it wasn’t as far from the dorm as I had wanted, I sat down one of the benches around the acad oval and watched the lights (it was pretty dark then) and took pictures and spoke to myself again (in my head this time). I don’t regret it. I didn’t meet anyone. Nothing super special happened. But I don’t regret it. It was kind of fun actually. Even when my headache returned as I finally walked back to the dorm while munching on one of the best things in the world: chocolates.

I got back to an empty dorm which made me even happier. I had our room all to myself pretty much the whole day. I mean I like my roommates; they’re really nice. But I just really felt like being alone on me day. And for good reasons too like getting to play the guitar + sing and talk to myself out loud. During dinner I even ate by myself even though I spotted a friend in the dorm cafeteria (she didn’t see me see her though). Everything summed up to be a pretty refreshing day.

Silence is my best friend on days like this.

*happy sigh*

The only decent picture I got after a couple of shots

The only decent picture I got after a couple of shots

The highlights of me day would have to include:

  • a phone call from home
  • learning plucking and Moving Closer by Never the Strangers on the guitar
  • chocolates and potatoes and fruits
  • my senti moment at the oval




True love

by Jem

Things that make you cry at 4 in the morning and convince you even more that true love does exist.

What makes my day

by Jem

Trying to surprise a friend

Trying being the operative word here because we wanted to surprise GE with a visit but she wasn’t home when we arrived and the door was locked so we had to text her and spoil things. Haha. She wasn’t surprised but I think she was pleased.

Best surprise, always: food!

Being surprised by a friend

Thanks for the tea, AJ!

And you won’t find my blog! Mehehe. If you do and you read this, hi!

Getting what you want

When you badly want something…

It wasn’t the red velvet cupacake I had imagined I would get but a cupcake is a cupcake.

Getting more than you ask for


More pastries, yay!

Good conversations

…Aaand we talk about Physics over tea and pastries. Hahaha. It wasn’t a huge chunk of our afternoon chat, actually. The picture just called for it.


Hurrah for surprising friends and every day’s little surprises!