Today and today and today

and let's trust the future to tomorrow.

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by Thought Catalog

More! Huhuhu. I have yet to find the person worthy of this type of letter though. And how I wish I was half as good as these writers are.


by Thought Catalog

Aaand another one. *sigh* I can’t wait to finally be able to understand this completely. Feelingsss

by Thought Catalog

“In life, it’s a given that you will lose people. People will flow in and out like curtains through an open window, sometimes for no reason at all. But losing someone important to you will feel like a suckerpunch every single time, and you’ll never see it coming. Which makes the friendships that do hold out, the ones that make it through countless breakdowns and breakthroughs and changes and years, so damn important.”

by Jem

  • My body clock seems to be back to normal. After nights of being nocturnal.
  • Really looking forward to buddy time today, especially since we’ll go look for gift/s for our church exchange gift on Saturday! Nothing lifts my spirit like Christmas shopping!
  • So. Much. Food this past few weeks. Free food, most especially. Starting to think I live for those kinds of moments.
  • Decorated our door for the season. Happy! Did I mention how much I love December?
  • Week’s almost over! Thankful for this the most right now. And only six days ’til Lantern Parade/Christmas break!


by Jem

I really really really hate disappointing people around me. I mean I don’t think anyone likes it but I am still so, so affected by everything that has been going on–failing–in my life. It is tiring.

The biggest failure yet for me, at least this week, is borrowing my roommates username to access the internet here in our dorm/university and getting her banned. Huhuhu. I feel like the biggest idiot ever. I am terribly sorry, roomie.

Gosh, yesterday was supposed to be a special day for me but the universe and who/whatever’s responsible for bad things that happen in it just cannot leave me alone. *SIGH*

Strangely enough (or not so), I am kept sane by listening to Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows over and over again (which I cannot attach right now, Idk why).


And yay my tita (aunt) just messaged me. Huhu. She is one of the people I love love love talking to.

And I think my roommate got her username back because she is online on Facebook. I hope so.

And hi Div, thank you for introducing me to/to me Jack Kerouac.

World, he says:

It always makes me proud to love the world somehow- hate’s so easy compared.

Today, I realiz…

by Jem

Today, I realized how fortunate I am to be financially poor. Poor people are more determined to make it in life. Quitting is not an option for us. (Gaw, 2012)

A quote by a friend and orgmate. There are so many wise people in my life.