November 20, 2012

by Jem

Noticing the little things 1

(as written in my journal)

THANK YOU, POLITE STRANGER who said sorry in behalf of his friends who were blocking the way as I rushed out of MB to get to my next class. You have made my morning.

Also, there was no line in the bathroom when it was my turn to take a bath. Yay.

I guess my “buddeh”‘s morning greeting also counts.

And as always, I love my Psych 108 class!

And just now nakaraos me sa Math 14 boardwork. (Just now, I survived the boardwork for Math 14.) Achib. Time flew fast in Math 14. I’m hungry.

Got The Perks of Being a Wallflower tickets today for Nichi, Pochi and I.

So much happiness hinged on a piece of paper. I love my university for screening this at the Film Institute this week!