As I wait

by Jem

Days ago I thought I had myself figured out.

I just had so much love to give, this overwhelming desire to shower someone with all of it. And since I haven’t met the one who was… it for me, I compensate by surprising the people around me, doing little things for them. They’re always too small though, for all the love I have to pour out. I guess that’s why I’m always so scared that I overdo it sometimes. But my dear friends don’t really have much choice about it. Until the right one comes, they would all have to bear being recipients of the love I have to give. And as I’ve said, it’s a lot.


And now, another realization: maybe I am meant to love someone who needs all the love can give.

I don’t really dwell on these types of things. I’d rather just let it all happen. Take them as they come.

But I guess it isn’t so bad to have this to hold onto. Just this. As I wait.