It is December

by Jem

and I am in love.

I suuuper love December and of course, the season that comes with it. Idk. It just feels like nothing can go wrong at this time of the year. Of course, that isn’t really true but I am particularly cheery and optimistic when the last month of the year comes around.

I heard from mom yesterday that my lolo (grandpa) was busy with his parol so he couldn’t speak with me yesterday. My lolo is so cute that way. He loves decorating the house for the Christmas season. The huge parol and the Christmas lights… I can’t wait to get home to them!

December also means Christmas parties and exchange gifts. + the Lantern Parade here at our university which I missed last year (regrets! huhu) so I’m making sure I don’t miss it this time and everrr. My second favorite date is December 24. Actually, I am torn between it and my birthday so I guess I love them both equally. They are special in different ways but the 24th is because it is Christmas Eve and as a family tradition (extended family on my mom’s side) we all stay up late, eat Noche Buena and exchange gifts when the clock strikes midnight. And then we watch a movie or two and then we have our own mini exchange gift as a smaller family: my parents, my sister, brother and I.

I also love December because our church celebrates its anniversary during this month. This year though we’re moving it to January and I love January too so all is well. I treat December-January as one whole happy, happy season. And so I am very, very thrilled that December is finally here! Hohoho.

I laugh that way during December. It’s become my thing. Hoho.

Happy 1st of December!


And oooh, I almost forgot! Jeb promised me we would celebrate my birthday this month so that I have happy memories on my actual birthday during January (because most likely I will not be home like last year when I actually cried, hoho)! And December is another catch-up month for me and my friends. I’m so happy school will end early this year!

+ I just remembered: my favorite tita (aunt) is coming home this month! And hopefully, for good.

*happy sigh*