Two thoughts

by Jem

right now.

One, I haven’t really done anything productive today. Unless you count finishing my chocolate stash productive. I don’t. I consider it sad. The only thing I’ve done today that is as close to productive as I am gonna get is to write and blog about my feelings and make more origami stars. And I guess from that I’ve realized that maybe the most productive thing you can really do at the end of the day is to do something for yourself. Or maybe that is my way of skirting around the fact that I haven’t done any homework or read any readings and I am running out of time. But I am happy with my little box of stars.

Second, one of the worst feelings in the world is to not know where you stand. Where you’re positioned exactly. Where you’re supposed to be. If you’re crossing a line. Or whether you’re supposed to draw the line. I feel torn. I feel lost. I feel like running away if I don’t find a definite place soon.