What makes my day

by Jem

Trying to surprise a friend

Trying being the operative word here because we wanted to surprise GE with a visit but she wasn’t home when we arrived and the door was locked so we had to text her and spoil things. Haha. She wasn’t surprised but I think she was pleased.

Best surprise, always: food!

Being surprised by a friend

Thanks for the tea, AJ!

And you won’t find my blog! Mehehe. If you do and you read this, hi!

Getting what you want

When you badly want something…

It wasn’t the red velvet cupacake I had imagined I would get but a cupcake is a cupcake.

Getting more than you ask for


More pastries, yay!

Good conversations

…Aaand we talk about Physics over tea and pastries. Hahaha. It wasn’t a huge chunk of our afternoon chat, actually. The picture just called for it.


Hurrah for surprising friends and every day’s little surprises!