For happiness!

by Jem

I’ve decided on a sort of life theme for this sem: For happiness!

It’s a phrase I’ve been using a lot lately, especially during the sem break. (So idk how it will work during the academic sem, haha) And it is (obviously) a lot of fun to do things just because. To do things for happiness. It’s okay to not be so stuck up and too cautious once in a while. Of course, I wouldn’t try life-threatening stuff or hurt myself and/or other around me on purpose (that wouldn’t be happy after all) but I will do things I know I’ll enjoy, without stressing so much over the consequences. Spontaneity has always been my thing and this sem I am going to do more random, spur-of-the-moment things if it means being happy or making other people around me happy.

Yay positivity! (Or is it positivism? Idk)


And on that note, here’s an article I found while googling about positivity (and whether or not it is the right term to use– I still do not know, haha):

Because doing things for happiness means sharing the good vibes too!