Been there, done that

by Jem

One of the best realizations I’ve had recently is how absolutely amazing it is to be friends with someone, go through many challenges and blows to your friendship and still come out on top of everything like nothing happened– and even stronger, if anything. Friends through and through.

Five years of friendship (+ a sea of tears, a couple of confrontations and a whole lot of drama) later and it’s just nice to have one of the best friends in the world still around.

It’s a beautiful realization when you know a friend you’ve had too many close calls of losing is still standing there and caring for you.


I have asked a friend once if he thought we would remain friends for a very long time but it’s different when you know you’ll be friends forever with someone not because of a promise or anything like that but because you’ve been there, done that.



*I actually thought of this initially when I watched the Hunger Games for the first time this week and saw Katniss and Peeta hug in the end when they both were declared the victors. It reminded me of a friend of mine who celebrated his birthday not too long ago and who I told then that I was very happy we were still friends after everything we’ve been through. Our friendship seemed like a big Hunger Games too. I’m glad we prevailed.