One of these days

by Jem

I will run away.

Even for just a day.

One of these days I will be like, “Screw you acads and stress and people I can’t stand, I’m off to be happy!”


And then I will run off to wherever my feet will lead me with my journal and a camera and my phone (turned off) and chocolates to last the day.

To the sun and the horizon and maybe on the way I’ll find my happy place. I’ve always wanted to find a happy place of my own.

Maybe somewhere grassy and where I can watch the sun rise and set and just shine.

And realize that I don’t need anything else or anyone to be happy. I just need my peace and quiet and my thoughts.



Really, one day. One day I will.


After all, happiness is a choice. So what choice do I have to make? (DebSoc, unknown)