by Jem

Three and a half out of five pages, a new blog (and two posts) and a couple of hours wasted later, I decide to take a shower. It’s been my solution to my laziness lately. And when I run out of creative juices. And willpower.

Standing under the shower head has been my sanctuary lately.

I don’t know why.

Maybe the light pressure of the water on my scalp is what I need to jump start my brain again. To squeeze out some ideas from my worn out brain. It is ready to go home to cold Baguio six hours away from here. But it has to wait a few more days. Just a bit more. In the meantime it will find comfort in the shower. It will find life from the cold rush of the shower on very early, chilly mornings.

It will find inspiration from a reminder of home.

I will find inspiration from a reminder of home.

And pretty soon I will be home. I’ll find inspiration in the shower. And everywhere else too.

It is home after all.